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Chicago White Sox / Re: Down on the Farm
« Last post by Method on January 06, 2018, 02:11:12 pm »
He is saying he wouldn't be surprised if he did due to talent... The way the Sox rush young hitters I wouldn't be surprised either.
Chicago White Sox / Re: Pale Hose History
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on January 06, 2018, 12:43:25 am »

    On January 6 in Baseball History...

    1914 - To help the players pick up the ball as it leaves the pitcherís hand, baseball decrees all big league parks must have a center field wall which is green and blank. The safety measure will become known as the batterís eye.

    1936 - Giants President Charles A. Stoneham dies. He was the last surviving member of the trio that purchased the team in 1919.

    1937 - The Giants purchase the services of Tommy Thevenow from the Reds. The shortstop will never see action for New York as the team trades the 33 year-old to the Bees (Braves) for infielder Billy Urbanski, who also will never play a game for the club.

    1942 - Bob Feller, winner of 76 games for the Indians in three previous seasons, follows Hank Greenberg into the military.

    1950 - Uncomfortable with front office duties, Charlie Grimm leaves the Cubs as a vice president to manage the Dallas Eagles in the Texas League for a record salary of $90,000. As the Chicago skipper, 'Jolly Cholly' had led the team to National League pennants in 1932, 1935 and 1945.

    1956 - A federal court bars former Little League Commissioner Carl Stotz from forming a rival group. He initiated the suit because he felt the league had grown too big, and that increasing team rosters to 15 players was preventing less able players from getting any real playing time.

    1964 - Owner Charlie Finley signs a two-year deal to move the A's from Kansas City to Louisville. The American League owners will veto the franchise shift, and the team stays put until after the 1967 season when it is granted permission to move to Oakland.

    1997 - Phil Niekro becomes the 227th member of the Hall of Fame. The Blaine, Ohio native is only the 87th player to be elected by the BBWAA.

    1997 - Peter O'Malley, owner of the Dodgers, announces the team is for sale. The franchise has been owned by the family since 1951.

     2005 - The Chicago White Sox signed A.J. Pierzynski as a free agent.

    2006 - With the largest signing bonus in a minor-league contract for a drafted player, who is not a free agent, the Diamondbacks come to terms with Justin Upton, the number one pick in the 2005 major league amateur draft. The 18-year-old shortstop, selected as the best five-tool player in the nation by Baseball America, will get $6.1 million over the next five years just for agreeing to play with Arizona.

    2006 - According to final figures released by the commissioner's office, the Yankees finished the year with a record payroll of $207.2 million, $90 million more than the Red Sox who spent the second largest amount on playing personnel. By comparison, the World Champion White Sox spent only $73.2 million with the lowly Devil Rays writing checks for mere $26.6 million, not much more than Alex Rodriguez makes as an individual playing third base for the Bronx Bombers.

    2006 - Becoming expendable due to the Blue Jays acquiring Troy Glaus from the Diamondbacks, Corey Koskie is traded to the Brewers for minor league pitching prospect Brian Wolfe. The 32-year old third baseman brings experience to a young Milwaukee infield which includes first baseman Prince Fielder (21) second baseman Rickie Weeks (23) and shortstop J.J. Hardy (23).

    2006 - The Red Sox sign Giants free-agent J.T. Snow to a $2 million, one-year contract. The six-time Gold Glove winner will share playing time at first base with Kevin Youkilis.

    2006 - The commissioner's office informs the press of a letter which was faxed from the International Baseball Federation informing Major League Baseball of their intent to withdraw the sanctioning of the World Baseball Classic unless Cuba is allowed to participate. In mid-December, the Treasury Department had denied the necessary license for Castroís countrymen to compete on American soil due to the U.S. law which restricts financial gain of the communist nation in the United States.

    2009 - The Cubs acquire right-handed reliever Luis Vizcaino from the Rockies in exchange for starting pitcher Jason Marquis and cash. The deal, which frees up $9 million from the Chicago 2009 payroll, gives the club more flexibility in signing free-agent outfielder Milton Bradley.

    2009 - The Indians sign the injury-plagued right-hander Carl Pavano to a one-year, $1.5 million deal. The 32-year old free-agent made only 26 starts for the Yankees after signing a four-year contract worth nearly $40 million prior to the start of the 2005 season.

    2010 - In his ninth year on the BBWAA's ballot, Andre Dawson is the only player to receive 75 percent or more of the writers' votes (77.9) needed to be elected to the Hall of Fame. The former National League Rookie of the Year (1977 - Montreal) and Most Valuable Player (1987 - Chicago), who spent 21 seasons patrolling the outfield for the Expos, Cubs, Red Sox and Marlins, is one of only three players to exceed 400 homers and 300 stolen bases during his major league career.

    2012 - The Chicago Cubs traded Andrew Cashner and Kyung-Min Na to the San Diego Padres in exchange for Anthony Rizzo and Zach Cates.

    2014 - The Chicago White Sox signed Scott Carroll as a free agent.

    2015 - Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Craig Biggio, and John Smoltz are elected into the Hall of Fame, marking the first time since 1955 that four players have been selected in the same year. Martinez (91.1%) and Johnson (97.3%) received the mandatory seventy-five percent of the writers' votes to qualify for induction in their first year on the ballot. 

    2016 - Alex Gordon agrees to a $72 million four-year deal to continue to patrol the outfield for the World Champion Royals. The contract is the richest in franchise history, surpassing the five-year, $55 million identical pacts signed by Gil Meche and Mike Sweeney.

    2016 - The Milwaukee Brewers signed Chris Carter as a free agent.

    2016 - The Washington Nationals signed free agent 2ndbaseman Daniel Murphy to a 3-year/$37.5 million contract.

    2017 - The Toronto Blue Jays signed Gavin Floyd as a free agent.

    2017 The Chicago White Sox claimed Willy Garcia from Pittsburgh Pirates on waivers.

    Baseball Birthdays on January 6...

    1859 - Shoch, George
    1864 - Knox, Andy
    1865 - Daly, Sun
    1870 - Sullivan, Joe
    1878 - Slattery, Jack

    1881 - Lake, Joe
    1882 - Cole, Willis
    1886 - Purtell, Billy

    1890 - Duncan, Vern
    1895 - Blackburn, Charlie
    1897 - Crouse, Buck

    1897 - Speece, By
    1900 - Beck, Clyde
    1902 - Barnes, Bob
    1903 - Eichrodt, Ike

    1903 - Holland, Mul
    1903 - Grant, George
    1912 - Warnock, Hal
    1915 - Workman, Chuck
    1915 - Ferrick, Tom
    1916 - Masi, Phil

    1918 - Zinser, Bill
    1920 - Wynn, Early

    1923 - Hardy, Red
    1926 - Branca, Ralph
    1928 - Lewandowski, Dan
    1931 - Tomanek, Dick
    1933 - Green, Lenny
    1933 - Walls, Lee
    1935 - Bauta, Ed
    1936 - Amaro, Ruben
    1940 - Jimenez, Elvio
    1950 - Staiger, Roy
    1951 - Gullett, Don
    1951 - Lovitto, Joe
    1952 - Adams, Bob
    1955 - Boyland, Doe
    1963 - Davidson, Bob
    1963 - Charlton, Norm
    1965 - DeJesus, Jose
    1969 - Morman, Alvin
    1970 - Naulty, Dan
    1971 - Moody, Eric
    1974 - Anderson, Marlon
    1982 - Bass, Brian
    1982 - Thorman, Scott
    1983 - Dolsi, Freddy
    1984 - Barthmaier, Jimmy
    1984 - Slama, Anthony
    1988 - Hall, Cody
    1991 - Gausman, Kevin
    1991 - Sampson, Keyvius
    1993 - Blackburn, Clayton

    Baseball Deaths on January 6...

    1894 - Sullivan, Marty
    1899 - Smith, John
    1916 - Cole, King
    1919 - Stenzel, Jake
    1932 - Sharrott, George
    1941 - O'Leary, Charley
    1951 - Camnitz, Harry
    1952 - Oberlin, Frank
    1957 - Abbaticchio, Ed
    1957 - Gallagher, Gil
    1967 - Walsh, Joe
    1967 - Haynes, Joe

    1969 - Rogge, Clint
    1969 - Viox, Jim
    1969 - Cheney, Larry
    1969 - Olmsted, Hank
    1977 - Miley, Mike
    1978 - Rego, Tony
    1981 - Stiely, Fred
    1982 - Post, Wally
    1984 - Lee, Billy
    1988 - Buxton, Ralph
    1990 - Anderson, Walter
    1991 - Wiggins, Alan
    1991 - Estalella, Bobby
    1997 - Donovan, Dick

    1998 - Miller, Ronnie
    1999 - Dunn, Jim
    2001 - Pressnell, Tot
    2001 - Poholsky, Tom
    2002 - Taylor, Fred
    2003 - Tatum, Jarvis
    2009 - B0ngiovanni, Nino
    2011-  de la Rosa, Francisco
    2011 - Duren, Ryne
    2017 - Jelks, Greg
    2017 - Sadowski, Bob






Chicago White Sox / Re: Down on the Farm
« Last post by BillSharp on January 05, 2018, 09:12:24 pm »
whoever wrote that is an idiot. He thinks Robert will go from the DSL to AAA in one year?
Chicago White Sox / Re: Down on the Farm
« Last post by Method on January 05, 2018, 03:17:59 pm »
Something to read. This guy likes Roberts more then Eloy.
Chicago White Sox / Re: Pale Hose History
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on January 05, 2018, 12:02:02 am »

    On January 5 in Baseball History...

    1920 - The Yankees announce the purchase of Babe Ruth. The deal had been delayed until Ruth agreed to terms believed to be $40,000 total for two years.

    1925 - During a European tour by the White Sox and Giants, the French Baseball Federation awards silver medals to John McGraw, Charlie Comiskey, and Hughie Jennings for their efforts to advance the game in France.

    1927 - Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis begins a three-day public hearing on the charges that four games played between Chicago and Detroit in 1917 had been thrown to the White Sox. The White Sox, Swede Risberg contends, returned the favor for two games in 1919. A week after the hearing opens, Landis clears all the accused due to a lack of evidence.

    1931 - Lucille Thomas purchases the Topeka franchise in the Western League. She becomes the first woman to buy a professional baseball team.

    1934 - The Fenway Park center field new concrete and steel bleachers, being built in center field to replace the wooden grandstands, are destroyed by fire in an early afternoon blaze. The Red Sox will rebuild and have the project finished for Opening Day.

    1943 - Teams agree to start the season later than usual and prepare to train in northern areas because of World War II. Resorts, armories, and university facilities are chosen for training sites. The Dodgers will train at Bear Mountain, New York; the Cardinals hop to Cape Girardeau, Missouri; the Yankees try Atlantic City.

    1946 - The Giants pay the largest amount ever paid for a single player when the team obtains Walker Cooper from the Cardinals for $175,000. The All-Star catcher will hit .276 during his 3+ seasons with New York.

    1957 - Jackie Robinson retires rather than move across town from the Dodgers to the Giants, to whom he had been traded in December.

    1960 - The Continental League, a proposed third major league, gets an assurance of congressional support from New York Senator Kenneth Keating.

    1963 - Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby dies at age 66 of a heart ailment. Hornsby's .358 career batting average is the second highest in major league history.

    1974 - Due to heavy financial losses, Rheingold Beer announces it will close its Brooklyn-based plant. As as a result, the brewery will be forced to end its 13-year relationship with the Mets as the team's primary radio-TV sponsor.

    1982 - The BBWAA selects Vin Scully as the sixth recipient of the Ford Frick Award, an honor given for excellence in broadcasting the national pastime. The Dodger veteran announcer follows mentor Red Barber, Mel Allen, Bob Elson, Russ Hodges and Ernie Harwell into the Hall of Fame.

    1989 - Three weeks after signing a record four-year, $1.1 billion network television contract with CBS, major league baseball signs a $400 million contract with ESPN. The deal will put 175 games per year on cable television beginning in 1990.

    1993 - Reggie Jackson is the lone player elected to the Hall of Fame. Jackson, whose .262 lifetime batting average is the lowest of any outfielder in the Hall, receives 93.6 percent of the vote. Jackson's 563 career home runs make him a hit with voters in his first year of eligibility.

    1994 - The Mets trade Vince Coleman to the Royals along with along with $500,000, a sum that will make up the difference between the two salaries, reacquiring Kevin McReynolds. New York's co-owner Fred Wilpon had clearly indicated that Coleman would never wear his team's uniform again due to the outfielder's role in last season's firecracker incident at Dodger Stadium.

    1998 - Don Sutton gets into the Hall of Fame on his fifth try. With 324 wins, he had the most victories of any eligible pitcher not in the Hall of Fame. He reached the postseason with three different clubs (Dodgers, Brewers, and Angels), and struck out 3,574 batters in 23 seasons. Sutton receives 386 votes of the record 473 ballots cast for 81.6 percent; Tony Perez falls short with 355 votes and Ron Santo, on the ballot for the 15th and final time, gains 204 votes.

    1999 - Receiving an apology from Yankees owner George Steinbrenner about his 1985 dismissal as manager after only 16 games, Yogi Berra ends his self-exile from Yankee Stadium and the organization. The Bronx Bomber legend is expected to participate in future Opening Day and Old Timers' ceremonies.

    2001 - Needing help due to the departures of Shawon Dunston and Eric Davis, the Cardinals sign their first free agents of the off-season. The four include Bobby Bonilla, Bernard Gilkey, John Mabry and Shane Andrews.

    2001 - The Mariners ink Ichiro Suzuki to a three-year deal worth $14,088,000. The signing rights to the Japanese outfielder, winner of seven batting titles in Japan, were awarded to Seattle for approximately $13 million.

    2001 - The plan to name a new ballpark in downtown Montreal Labatt Park dims as the Canadian brewery announces the ending of its 15-year sponsorship of the Expos. The company cites the lack of a local television contract and stalled stadium plans as factors in the decision.

    2007 - Felipe Alou is named special assistant to Brian Sabean, general manager of the Giants. The teamís 72-year old former manager (2003-06) will handle Major League, Minor League scouting assignments providing insights on personnel for the GM.

    2009 - Carl Pohlad, believed by many to be the savior of major league baseball in Minnesota after buying the club in 1984, dies at the age of 93. Although the owner of the Twins' net worth was $3.6 billion, the franchise often had some of the lowest payrolls in baseball, including the World Champion teams of 1987 and 1991.

    2009 - Pat Burrell agrees to a two-year deal reportedly worth $16 million with the Rays, his World Series foes last season. The 32-year old outfielder, who spent his first nine seasons in the majors with the Phillies, will most likely be used as a designated hitter with Tampa Bay.

    2009 - According to reports, a preliminary agreement has been reached between the Cubs and free-agent outfielder Milton Bradley on a $30 million, three-year deal. The switch-hitting All-Star, who batted .321 and led the American League with a .436 on-base percentage, will fill the team's need for a left-handed presence in the middle of the line-up.

    2010 - Troy Glaus and the Braves come to terms on a $1.75 million, one-year incentive-laden deal that will shift the four-time All-Star third baseman to first base. After arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder a year ago, the 33 year-old infielder appeared in only 14 games with St. Louis at the end of the season.

    2010 - After 22 big league seasons, playing for the Expos (3-4), Mariners (130-74), Astros (10-1), Diamondbacks (118-62), Yankees (34-19), and the Giants (8-6), five-time Cy Young Award winner Randy Johnson announces his retirement. The 6-foot-10 'Big Unit' finishes his no-miss Hall of Fame career, which includes a World Series Most Valuable Player award, a perfect game and two no-hitters, with a record of 303-166 and as the all-time left-handed strike out leader with 4,875.

    2010 - Kelly Shoppach (.214, 12, 40) and the Rays come to terms on a $5.5 million, two-year contract that includes a club option for a third season at $3.2 million or a $300,000 buyout. The Rays obtained the 29-year-old back up catcher from the Indians last month for a player to be named, which turns out be right-hander Mitch Talbot.

    2010 - In a deal intended to strengthen Philadelphia's bullpen, right-handed reliever Danys Baez (4-6, 4.02) and the Phillies come to terms on a $5.25 million, two-year contract. The 32-year-old former Baltimore closer will be used with Ryan Madson and J.C. Romero as a setup man, but could become an option to replace an unreliable Brad Lidge, who led the majors last season with 11 blown saves while compiling an 0-8 record along with a 7.21 ERA .

    2010 - The Mets and R.A. Dickey agree to a one-year minor league deal reportedly worth $600,000 if the journeyman is added to the major league roster along with the opportunity to earn $150,000 more in performance bonuses. The 35-year-old knuckleballer will become the first player in franchise history to win six of his first seven starts (6-0, 2.33 ERA).

    2011 - After narrowly missing induction last year, Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven are elected to the Hall of Fame by a wide margin. Right-hander Blyleven, who waited 14 years before getting the nod from the writers, and second baseman Alomar, considered a sure first-ballot inductee last year, will join executive Pat Gillick, broadcaster Dave Van Horne, and writer Bill Conlin in Cooperstown next July.

    2011 - Adrian Beltre agrees to a $96 million, six-year deal with the Rangers, the reigning American League champs. The acquisition of the All-Star third baseman will make incumbent Michael Young the team's designated hitter, giving Texas a potent lineup and a much improved defense.

    2012 - The Cubs trade Carlos Zambrano to the Marlins for right-hander Chris Volstad and cash. The 30-year old right-hander will join fellow Venezuelan Ozzie Guillen, Miami's new manager, who has been publicly supportive during the hurler's troubled moments.

    2013 - The Los Angeles Dodgers signed Ramon Castro as a free agent.  Castro, a 13-year veteran who last caught for the Chicago White Sox in 2011 before becoming a free agent, would end up being released by the Dodgers during spring training on March 18, 2013.

    2017 - The Cleveland Indians signed Edwin Encarnacion as a free agent.

    Baseball Birthdays on January 5...

    1864 - Caruthers, Bob
    1865 - Moriarity, Gene
    1870 - Dahlen, Bill
    1875 - Hoffman, Izzy
    1879 - Harvey, Zaza

    1880 - Jordan, Dutch
    1880 - Hunter, Newt
    1880 - Byrnes, Jim
    1885 - Fletcher, Art
    1888 - Foster, Rube
    1890 - Kauff, Benny
    1892 - Wortman, Chuck
    1894 - Steele, Bob
    1895 - Delaney, Art
    1898 - Stephenson, Riggs
    1899 - Kinsella, Bob
    1899 - Hunnefield, Bill
    1901 - Sewell, Luke

    1908 - Leheny, Regis
    1911 - Petoskey, Ted
    1914 - Grace, Joe
    1914 - Salveson, Jack

    1918 - Kramer, Jack
    1924 - Marsh, Fred

    1928 - Oldis, Bob
    1935 - Battey, Earl

    1936 - Robertson, Daryl
    1936 - Bloomfield, Bud
    1942 - Wolf, Wally
    1944 - Vinson, Charlie
    1944 - Kelley, Tom
    1947 - Vance, Sandy
    1948 - Laxton, Bill
    1948 - Hough, Charlie

    1951 - Reece, Bob
    1953 - Gantner, Jim
    1954 - Littlefield, John
    1957 - Dernier, Bob
    1958 - Kittle, Ron

    1959 - Thompson, Milt
    1961 - Cotto, Henry
    1961 - Russell, John
    1961 - Samuels, Roger
    1962 - Jackson, Danny
    1963 - Davis, John

    1963 - Fassero, Jeff
    1965 - Nieves, Juan

    1966 - Shifflett, Steve
    1967 - Nabholz, Chris
    1971 - Bates, Jason
    1973 - Rath, Fred
    1974 - Minor, Ryan
    1974 - Minor, Damon
    1974 - Redman, Mark
    1976 - Witt, Kevin
    1977 - Junge, Eric
    1979 - Quevedo, Ruben
    1981 - Cavazos, Andy
    1982 - Aoki, Norichika
    1986 - Arencibia, J. P.
    1989 - Escobar, Eduardo

    1990 - Cron, C.J.
    1990 - Inglesias, Jose
    1990 - Ortiz, Danny
    1992 - Cole, A.J.

    Baseball Deaths on January 5...

    1936 - Sawyer, Will
    1937 - Beville, Ben
    1943 - Rafter, Jack
    1945 - Hobbs, Bill
    1949 - Edwards, Ralph
    1953 - Cantwell, Mike
    1953 - Lapan, Pete
    1954 - Maranville, Rabbit
    1960 - Van Alstyne, Clay
    1961 - Luderus, Fred
    1962 - Snyder, Frank
    1963 - Hornsby, Rogers
    1965 - Manush, Frank
    1969 - Osborne, Tiny
    1975 - Wilson, Don
    1976 - Sperber, Ed
    1976 - Elliott, Gene
    1979 - Washburn, George
    1982 - Baker, Neal
    1987 - Mitchell, Dale
    1990 - Balcena, Bobby
    1994 - Brittin, Jack
    1996 - Singleton, Elmer
    1997 - Roy, Emil
    2004 - McGraw, Tug
    2006 - Dedeaux, Rod
    2013 - Padilla, Joey
    2014 - Coleman, Jerry
    2016 - Ritchie, Jay






Chicago White Sox / Re: 2017 + 2018 White Sox / Sox Management
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on January 04, 2018, 11:45:41 pm »
Who's the third guy?   At first I thought Shoeless Joe, but he never hit 15 HRs in a season.   Does anyone know, without going through

Carl Reynolds - White Sox outfielder who in 1930 hit .359 with 18 triples and 22 HRs.

Chicago White Sox / Re: 2017 + 2018 White Sox / Sox Management
« Last post by BlackSox on January 04, 2018, 11:22:39 pm »
Was it John "Jhon" Jeter?
Chicago White Sox / Re: White Sox - Trades and Rumors
« Last post by Method on January 04, 2018, 10:48:29 pm »
Soria was half decent for KC last year... does this mean he's our closer?
Chicago White Sox / Re: 2017 + 2018 White Sox / Sox Management
« Last post by Shoeless on January 04, 2018, 09:05:48 pm »
Nope, not Eddie Collins. Found the guy. Never heard of him
Chicago White Sox / Re: 2017 + 2018 White Sox / Sox Management
« Last post by Shoeless on January 04, 2018, 09:02:26 pm »
Who was the stud 2b? Name escaped me
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