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Chicago White Sox / Re: White Sox Spring Training 2018
« Last post by BillSharp on March 14, 2018, 05:15:00 pm »
the thought of Fulmer making the team is just insane.

I hope both Fry & Bummer start at AAA, the 2nd lefty in the pen should be Ross.
Chicago White Sox / Re: White Sox Spring Training 2018
« Last post by SoxRule on March 14, 2018, 03:59:51 pm »
Giolito, Kopech and Cease have all looked really good so far, and we haven't even been treated to the guy i thought would be the best Hansen.

And then there's Carson Fulmer. Yuck.
Chicago White Sox / Re: White Sox Spring Training 2018
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on March 14, 2018, 03:37:49 pm »

White Sox LF Nicky Delmonico says shoulder injury was ‘just a scare’

Chicago White Sox / Re: White Sox Spring Training 2018
« Last post by Method on March 14, 2018, 01:40:55 pm »
Some news on Giolito

When we traded for him, my real big concern was that the FB was not back, if he has resolved that issue over this offseason and is really back to 95 (hope hes back to the 95-97 range as season goes on), that could really help turn this rebuild around faster then expected.

Giolito, Kopech and Cease have all looked really good so far, and we haven't even been treated to the guy i thought would be the best Hansen.
Chicago White Sox / Re: White Sox Spring Training 2018
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on March 14, 2018, 01:09:24 pm »
Chicago White Sox / Re: Down on the Farm
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on March 14, 2018, 01:01:34 pm »
Chicago White Sox / Re: White Sox Spring Training 2018
« Last post by joeconners on March 14, 2018, 04:38:28 am »
I was at Camelback this past weekend. I've now seen Eloy in three games counting last year at a Winston Salem game, and he homered in all three games. It was particularly sweet against the Cubs at Sloan Park with a loud and boisterous crowd that suddenly groaned. ;D

Sounds like someone's pining for season tickets....
Chicago White Sox / Re: Pale Hose History
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on March 14, 2018, 12:10:19 am »

    On March 14 in Baseball History...

    1932 - Catcher Ernie Lombardi comes to the Reds along with outfielder Babe Herman and third baseman Wally Gilbert, while infielders Joe Stripp and Tony Cuccinello and catcher Clyde Sukeforth are sent to the Dodgers. Herman bats .324 in one season in Cincinnati following the trade (he will later return to the club for two seasons), but Lombardi makes the trade a steal. Lombardi bats .311 in 10 seasons in Cincinnati, winning a batting title and MVP Award in 1938.

    1953 - Joseph Darst vows to fight losing the hometown Browns to Baltimore. The St. Louis mayor's efforts will be not be enough to prevent the franchise shifting cities when the team shareholders drop their suit against Bill Veeck and approve the move to the east coast after learning the club will be bankrupt if it stays put.

    1954 - Hank Aaron, filling in for Bobby Thomson who broke his ankle yesterday, starts his first game wearing a Braves uniform. The 20 year-old from Mobile, Alabama makes such an impression when he collects three hits, including a home run, in the spring training game against Boston that the club offers him a major league contract.

    1961 - The Mets lure former Yankee general manager George Weiss out of retirement to become the club's first president. The iron-fisted executive had been the Yankees' general manager from 1947 to 1960.

    1993 - The Reds announce the St. Bernard owned by Reds president Marge Schott is being prohibited access to the Riverfront Stadium field for the season. The edict to ban Schottzie 02 comes from the MLB's Executive Council, who have received numerous complaints from the players about dogs running on the field.

    1995 - The players' union makes it clear that the strike will not be settled if replacement players are used in regular season games‚ and if results are not voided. The NLRB also announces it will be charging MLB owners with two counts of unfair labor practices.

    2003 - Able to maintain the organization's "long standing philosophy", which lets Cablevision customers choose whether or not to receive paid programming'', the cable giant agrees to a one-year interim deal to offer YES Network to New York Yankees fans for a fee ending a bitter and costly yearlong feud. The arrangement makes YES a premium channel instead of a basic cable channel which the new network had previously mandated and would have made every subscriber pay for the channel regardless of the viewer's choice.

    2003 - Vladimir Guerrero is suspended for three regular-season games and Marlin starter Brad Penny for five due to igniting an exhibition game bench-clearing brawl earlier in the week. After being hit in the chest by the Marlins' starter's first inning pitch, the Expo All-star outfielder, with his bat in his left hand swung his right fist around Matt Treanor, the Florida catcher trying to restrain him, missing Penny, who retaliated with a punch which also missed its mark.

    2003 - The Brewers' TV/radio play-by-play announcer, Bob Uecker is chosen for induction into the broadcasters' wing of the Hall of Fame as the recipient of the Ford C. Frick Award. The 68-year-old former back-up catcher, who joined the Milwaukee broadcast crew in 1971, is best known for the humor he has brought to the game through his starring role in the cult movie Major League and the beer commercial in which the phrase 'Must be in the front row!' has become a familiar cry in ballparks around the country.

    2003 - Dependent on passing a physical, free agent Kenny Lofton agrees to a one-year pact to play with the Pirates this season. The 35-year-old leadoff man would most likely start in center moving Brian Giles to left field with left fielder Reggie Sanders going to right.

    2006 - Terry Francona agrees a two-year contract extension keeping the skipper at the helm through 2008. The Red Sox manager replaced Grady Little in December 2003 and promptly brought Boston to its first World Championship in 86 years.

    2006 - Washington D.C. officials unveil the designs for a new home for the Nationals scheduled to be opened in 2008. The glass-and-steel 41,000-seat ballpark will feature pale stone chosen to complement the well-known skyline of the nation's capital.

    2006 - Avoiding a trial scheduled to begin on opening day, Major League Baseball settles a lawsuit with an Atlanta-based company that claimed it owned the trademark rights to the name Washington Nationals. Bygone Sports LLC was sued by MLB who asked the court to declare that the trademark for the name Nationals does not belong to the company because its sole purpose in filing the September 2002 trademark application was to capitalize on the renaming of the team that was recently shifted from Montreal to Washington.

    2008 - Randy Wolf, the Padres’ new left-hander starter, struggles in a 6-2 spring training loss to the Brewers in Peoria, Arizonia. The pitcher's brother, Jim, isn't much help as the home plate umpire, an occurrence which isn’t allowed during a regular-season game and is the only time it has ever happened, as the San Diego hurler gives up three runs in four innings.

    2014 - The Kansas City Royals signed Ramon Troncoso as a free agent.

    Baseball Birthdays on March 14...

    1849 - Nelson, Candy
    1855 - Holbert, Bill
    1857 - Moffett, Sam
    1860 - O'Brien, Billy
    1864 - Gilman, Pit
    1865 - Sexton, Tom
    1867 - Meek, Dad
    1869 - Rhines, Billy
    1871 - Conroy, Ben
    1875 - Murdoch, Wilbur
    1878 - Rementer, Butch
    1881 - Polchow, Lou
    1884 - Daley, Jud
    1886 - DeVoy, Walt
    1888 - Pernoll, Hub
    1891 - Gregg, Dave
    1894 - Layden, Gene
    1897 - Hitt, Bruce
    1900 - McManus, Marty
    1905 - Rothrock, Jack
    1914 - Marion, Red
    1918 - Carter, Arnold
    1921 - Kennedy, Bill
    1928 - Smith, Earl
    1942 - Raudman, Bob
    1944 - Miller, John
    1946 - Law, Ron
    1947 - Strahler, Mike
    1950 - McKay, Dave
    1953 - Ireland, Tim
    1956 - Wynegar, Butch
    1957 - Lake, Steve
    1957 - Waller, Ty
    1960 - Willard, Jerry

    1961 - Puckett, Kirby
    1963 - Rochford, Mike
    1965 - Brown, Kevin
    1969 - Leach, Jalal
    1970 - Gates, Brent
    1973 - Dodd, Robert
    1979 - Nunez, Jose
    1981 - Jenks, Bobby

    1984 - Bierd, Randor
    1985 - Hill, Steven
    1987 - Hardy, Blaine
    1988 - Stinson, Joshua
    1989 - Gonzalez, Marwin

    Baseball Deaths on March 14...

    1910 - Hines, Mike
    1922 - Hoffman, Danny
    1928 - Hudson, Nat
    1937 - Kling, Rudy
    1943 - Smith, Earl
    1956 - Styles, Lena
    1963 - Harris, Charlie
    1966 - Magee, Lee
    1967 - Hunter, Eddie
    1968 - Carpenter, Paul
    1969 - Zimmerman, Heinie
    1970 - Levey, Jim
    1975 - Baker, Tracy
    1978 - Greenfield, Kent
    1980 - Wickland, Al
    1984 - Enzmann, Johnny
    1988 - Terry, Zeb

    1992 - Liebhardt, Glenn
    1995 - Letchas, Charlie
    2003 - Gionfriddo, Al
    2003 - Shoop, Ron
    2017 - Bruce, Bob


Chicago White Sox / Re: White Sox Spring Training 2018
« Last post by Juan pizzarro on March 13, 2018, 09:35:54 pm »
 I was at Camelback this past weekend. I've now seen Eloy in three games counting last year at a Winston Salem game, and he homered in all three games. It was particularly sweet against the Cubs at Sloan Park with a loud and boisterous crowd that suddenly groaned. ;D
Chicago White Sox / Re: Pale Hose History
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on March 13, 2018, 12:19:17 am »

    On March 13 in Baseball History...

    1917 - After hearing that Gabby Street had caught a ball dropped off the Washington Monument, Dodgers manager Wilbert Robinson bragged that he could catch a ball dropped from an airplane, even though he was in his mid-50s and well above his playing weight. But Casey Stengel substituted a grapefruit for the baseball. Robinson circled unsteadily under the descending spheroid and actually got a glove on it before it splattered across his chest. Robinson felt the ooze, thought it was blood, and screamed that he was dying until he tasted the juice. He later conceded that he probably would have been killed if a real baseball had been dropped from the plane.

    1943 - The major leagues approve an official ball, the insides of which will be made from reclaimed cork and balata, materials not needed in the war effort. Officials insist the ball will have the resiliency of the 1939 ball, but the players will express with dismay that they cannot drive the new ball and point out the dearth of runs and homers in 1942 even with the old ball.

    1944 - It's True, Cy Young's middle name is not Tucumseh, as generally accepted, but the middle initial T really stands for True.

    1953 - Braves' owner Lou Perini announces he will seek permission from the National League to move his franchise from Boston to Milwaukee. The day will become known as 'Black Friday' in Beantown.

    1954 - During an exhibition game against the Yankees, recently acquired Brave Bobby Thomson breaks his ankle in three places and will be sidelined until July 14. The '51 National League playoff hero is replaced by a promising prospect named Hank Aaron.

    1960 - The White Sox become the first major league team to feature players' names on the backs of their uniforms. The monikered jerseys, an innovation brought forward by team owner Bill Veeck, will make it easier for viewers watching the games on television to identify the players.

    1979 - The Tigers and Mets swap relievers with Detroit sending Ed Glynn to the Big Apple in exchange for Mardie Cornejo, who after posting a 4-2 record as a rookie lat season will never play in another major league game. In contrast, the latest addition to the New York bullpen will make 84 appearances compiling an ERA of 3.53 during the two years with his new club.

    1986 - In a Royal pre-season game, Hal McRae (age 39) and his son Brian (age 18) play together against the Phillies. Kansas City manager Dick Howser refers to the event as the 'Big Mac Attack'.

    1997 - In their first ever minor league spring training game, the Rays defeated Philadelphia, 6-0. John Kaufman, Tom Bergan, Matt Williams, and Jamie Ybarra combine to throw a no-hitter in the exhibition contest against the major league team.

    2001 - Throwing 22 strikes out of 29 pitches over two innings of shutout ball in his surprise start against the Mets at Roger Dean Stadium, Rick Ankiel makes his first appearance since the 2000 playoffs in which he loss his control throwing seven wild pitches in three postseason appearances.

    2006 - Three pitches into the top of the seventh inning, the stadium lights at Tradition Field partially fail. With fifty percent of the lights not functioning, the exhibition game is ended, after a 15-minute delay, with the Mets leading the Nationals, 10-4.

    2008 - Joining the ranks of Garth Brooks and Tom Selleck as celebrities who have appeared in an spring exhibition game, Billy Crystal strikes out in the first inning as the Yankees' leadoff batter. The comedian, who sign a one-day contract with the Bronx Bombers, wears the number sixty in honor of his 60th birthday which is tomorrow.

    2008 - The pitching-poor Cardinals bolster their rotation by agreeing to a preliminary one-year deal with Kyle Lohse (9-12, 4.62). The 29-year old right-hander, who pitched the Reds and Phillies last season, will make $4.25 million hurling for the Redbirds.

    2009 - Pat Burrell takes out ads in two of Philadelphia’s largest newspapers to thank Phillies fans for their support during his nine years with the team. The 32-year old slugging outfielder signed a free-agent deal in the off-season with the Rays, the club the Phils beat in last season’s World Series.

    2011 - Jackie Robinson's former apartment in Montreal is remembered with the placement of a plaque by the U.S. government as a tribute to the Canadian city for their exemplary treatment of the future Hall of Fame infielder. The season before he broke the color barrier, the Dodger farmhand led the hometown Royals to the 1946 International League championship with a .349 batting average and earned the circuit's Most Valuable Player for his outstanding performance with the team

    2013 - The Detroit Tigers released Brennan Boesch.

    Baseball Birthdays on March 13...

    1862 - McGuckin, Joe
    1865 - Bartson, Charlie
    1868 - Gilbert, Bill
    1875 - McFarland, Chappie
    1877 - Flood, Tim
    1879 - Eason, Mal
    1879 - Kelly, John
    1882 - Glaze, Ralph
    1885 - Block, Bruno

    1886 - Baker, Frank
    1889 - Smith, Wally
    1889 - Lynn, Byrd

    1892 - Gharrity, Patsy
    1892 - Gaw, Chippy
    1895 - Erickson, Eric
    1897 - Malone, Lew
    1899 - Brannan, Otis
    1906 - Powers, Ike
    1909 - Kimberlin, Harry
    1915 - Clarkson, Buzz
    1917 - Walsh, Joe
    1918 - Pellagrini, Eddie
    1920 - Biscan, Frank
    1921 - Rossi, Joe
    1922 - Mapes, Cliff
    1925 - Martin, Ray
    1928 - Greenwood, Bob
    1931 - Bessent, Don
    1931 - Pascual, Carlos
    1936 - Miles, Don
    1939 - Luplow, Al
    1940 - Kolb, Gary
    1942 - Staehle, Marv

    1948 - Barber, Steve
    1949 - O'Toole, Dennis

    1954 - Bass, Randy
    1954 - Leach, Terry

    1957 - Walker, Duane
    1959 - Aguayo, Luis
    1962 - Lee, Terry
    1962 - Funk, Tom
    1963 - Duncan, Mariano
    1964 - Clark, Will
    1970 - Fabregas, Jorge
    1971 - Sullivan, Scott

    1973 - Veras, Dario
    1979 - Santana, Johan
    1980 - Gettis, Byron
    1981 - Aviles, Mike
    1988 - Rogers, Jason
    1989 - Leon, Sandy
    1990 - Oberg, Scott
    1991 - Banuelos, Manny
    1991 - Butler, Eddie
    1991 - Leiter, Jr.; Mark

    Baseball Deaths on March 13...

    1885 - Dehlman, Herman
    1919 - Toy, Jim
    1928 - Wheelock, Bobby
    1929 - Magee, Sherry
    1932 - Strang, Sammy
    1934 - Jones, Fielder

    1938 - Ellis, Rube
    1940 - Flagstead, Ira
    1942 - Steere, Gene
    1950 - Young, George
    1951 - Hughes, Joe
    1955 - Vernon, Joe
    1955 - Sweeney, Buck
    1961 - Pauxtis, Si
    1961 - Berry, Joe
    1964 - Allison, Mack
    1975 - Marion, Red
    1976 - Pasek, Johnny

    1979 - Steen, Bill
    1983 - Anderson, Bill
    1986 - Warner, Jack
    1987 - Osborne, Wayne
    1994 - Freitas, Tony
    1994 - Rosar, Buddy
    1996 - West, Dick
    1999 - Peterman, Bill
    2000 - Bright, Harry
    2005 - House, Frank
    2013 - Detweiler, Ducky
    2015 - Rosen, Al






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