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Chicago White Sox / Re: Pale Hose History
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on Today at 12:01:27 am »

    On January 16 in Baseball History...

    1878 - Benjamin Douglas is hired as manager of the Providence Grays, and Tom Carey is signed as the team's captain. The skipper of the new National League franchise in Rhode Island will be fired for incompetence and insubordination before the season begins.

    1886 - Washington is admitted to the National League. The new franchise in the nation's capital will win just 28 games of the 120 games played, finishing 60 games behind the first-place Chicago White Stockings.

    1891 - A new national agreement is signed by the National League, American Association, and the Western Association that creates a three-man panel to settle disputes among the leagues. Two days ago, the NL owners voted to allow the American Association to place a team in Boston‚ despite the emphatic opposition from the owners of the Boston Beaneaters, the existing NL franchise in town.

    1952 - The U.S. Standardization Board clears the way for Stan Musial to get a salary increase to $85,000. Prior to this relaxation of the rules, there was a wage freeze in effect due to the Korean War. Under the new rules, a team is free to raise individual salaries, as long as they do not exceed a complicated formula, based on total team salaries for any one year, from 1946-1950, plus 10 percent.

    1960 - In a benefit basketball game, the Steelers beat the Pirates in overtime, 22-20. Shortstop Dick Groat, a Duke University hoop standout, scores 14 points for the Bucs.

    1960 - The Cubs trade Alvin Dark, along John Buzhardt and Jim Woods, to the Phillies in exchange for Richie Ashburn. After a slow start in Philadelphia, the 'Swamp Fox' is dealt to the Braves where the veteran infielder will hit .298 for Boston before retiring as a player at the end of the season to become the skipper for San Francisco.

    1964 - A.L. owners vote 9-1 against Charlie Finley's proposal to move the A's to Louisville. Finley is given an ultimatum to sign a lease in Kansas City or lose his franchise.

    1970 - Gold Glove outfielder Curt Flood files a civil lawsuit challenging baseball's reserve clause, a suit that will have historic implications. Flood refused to report to the Phillies after he was traded by the Cardinals, contending the baseball rule violates federal antitrust laws.

    1973 - Steve Carlton becomes the highest paid pitcher when he signs a contract with the Phillies for a reported $165,000. The 28 year-old southpaw, last season's unanimous Cy Young Award winner, will lose a league-leading 20 games this season after posting a 27-10 record last year for the last place team.

    1974 - The BBWAA elects former Yankees teammates Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford to the Hall of Fame. Mantle becomes only the seventh player to make it in his first try. His 536 home runs with the Yankees ranked second only to Babe Ruth and he played in more games (2,401) than any other pinstriper, including Lou Gehrig. Ford was arguably the greatest Yankees pitcher of all time, retiring with more wins (236), more innings (3,171), more strikeouts (1,956), and more shutouts (45) than anyone in club history.

    1996 - The Giants signed much acclaimed amateur free-agent Osvaldo Fernandez. The Cuban National squad’s all-star hurler, who defected when his club played Team USA in Tennessee, will post a disappointing 10-17 record during his two-year stay by the Bay.

    2001 - In the first year of eligibility, Dave Winfield and Kirby Puckett are elected to the Hall of Fame. The former Twins are the fourth pair of teammates selected by BBWAA in the same year.

    2001 - Free agent Jose Canseco, 36, agrees to terms with the Angels. The incentive-laden contract ranging from $200,000 to as much as $5 million will be based on plate appearances as a designated hitter.

    2002 - Free agent Pedro Astacio (8-14, 5.09) agrees to a one-year, $5 million incentives-laden deal with the Mets. After being traded to the Astros by the Rockies last season, the 32-year-old right-hander developed shoulder problems.

    2003 - The owners establish the minimum age of 14 for bat boys. The change from not having any age requirement was prompted by a near collision at home plate during Game 5 of the World Series involving 4-year old bat boy Darren Baker, the son of Giant skipper, Dusty Baker.

    2003 - Gary Carter will become the first, and perhaps the only player, wearing an Expos hat on his Hall of Fame plaque. Although the former catcher expressed he wanted to be immortalized as a Mets player, the team which presently employs him and the franchise he helped to win the 1986 World Series championship, Cooperstown decided the 'Kid' should enter the Hall with a Montreal logo.

    2003 - Trying to restore a competitive edge to the All-Star game, the owners unanimously approved the winning league of the Midsummer Classic will have home-field advantage during the World Series. Approval is needed by the players to change the current rotation between the two leagues which was put in place since its inception of the World Series in 1903.

    2006 - Signing a record-setting one-year deal with Marlins, Dontrelle Willis (22-10, 2.63) avoids arbitration by agreeing to a $4.35 million one-year deal which could be worth $4.55 million if certain performance-based incentives are reached. The All-Star southpaw’s deal surpasses Roy Halladay and Andy Pettitte, who both got $3.8 million contracts, for the highest amount ever given to a starting pitcher in their first year of arbitration eligibility

    2007 - The Florida Marlins, the team with the lowest payrolls in the majors spending only $15 million last season, agrees to a one-year deal with southpaw Dontrelle Willis (12-12, 3.87) for $6.45 million. The Florida ace gets an hefty raise from the $4.35 million he received last season.

    2008 - A former 20-game winner with the team, Jon Lieber (3-6, 4.73), signs a $3.5 million, one-year deal with the Cubs. The right-handed veteran, who played with the Phillies for the past three years, missed most of last season due to surgery needed to repair a ruptured tendon in his foot.

    2008 - Avoiding salary arbitration, the Tigers sign Nate Roberts (9-13, 4.76) to a $21.25 million, three-year deal. The 30-year old southpaw, who would have been eligible to become a free agent after the 2009 season, has made 30+ starts during each of his previous four seasons with Detroit.

    2009 - The Red Sox sign another infielder to a long-term contract when Kevin Youkilis agrees to a four-year deal reportedly worth $41 million. The 29-year old Gold Glove first baseman will join Dustin Pedroia, inked to a six-year contract extension in December, on the right side of Boston's infield for the foreseeable future.

    2009 - The Philadelphia Phillies signed Pablo Ozuna as a free agent.

    2010 - Scott Hairston returns to the Padres, the team that traded him last July, in a four-player deal with the A's. The Friars send third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff and prospect Eric Sogard to Oakland in exchange for their former outfielder and Aaron Cunningham.

    2011 - Joey Votto and the Reds agree to a three-year contract extension worth $38 million. The 27-year old first baseman was voted the National League's Most Valuable Player last season.

    2013 - The Washington Nationals traded Mike Morse to the Seattle Mariners as part of 3-team trade in which Seattle Mariners sent John Jaso to the Oakland Athletics; the Oakland Athletics sent A.J. Cole and Blake Treinen to the Washington Nationals; and the Oakland Athletics sentIan Krol to the Washington Nationals (March 20, 2013).

    2014 - Expanded instant replay is unanimously approved at the quarterly Owners Meetings, a concept previously agreed on by the Players Association and World Umpires Association. Each manager will begin a game with one challenge, and beginning in the top of the seventh, the crew chief will also be able to ask to institute a review from the Replay Command Center at MLBAM headquarters in New York.

    2015 - The Philadelphia Phillies claimed Jordan Danks from the Chicago White Sox on waivers.

    2017 - The World Champion Cubs are welcomed at the White House by President Barack Obama, a noted White Sox patron who is offered a midnight pardon by Chicago GM Theo Epstein for his partisanship, and his wife Michelle, a fan of the Northside team. The Commander in Chief, in addition to receiving No. 44 jerseys from his fellow No. 44, Anthony Rizzo, is given a lifetime pass to any Cubs game, a gift the First Lady will probably appreciate more than her husband.

    Baseball Birthdays on January 16...

    1855 - Macullar, Jimmy
    1858 - Whitney, Art
    1863 - Hunter, Lem
    1870 - Collins, Jimmy
    1877 - Bruce, Lou
    1878 - Murray, Jim
    1885 - Kutina, Joe
    1886 - Moulton, Allie
    1888 - Kocher, Brad
    1889 - Mayer, Erskine

    1889 - Jansen, Ray
    1891 - Goodwin, Marv
    1891 - Schupp, Ferdie
    1892 - Bratschi, Fred

    1894 - Divis, Moxie
    1895 - Guisto, Lou
    1899 - Fisher, Showboat
    1900 - Rabbitt, Joe
    1902 - Koehler, Pip
    1902 - Connell, Joe
    1904 - Morrissey, Jo-Jo

    1907 - Jordan, Buck
    1908 - Watson, Johnny
    1910 - Dean, Dizzy
    1911 - McDonald, Hank
    1917 - Ramazzotti, Bob
    1920 - Poole, Ray
    1920 - Talcott, Roy
    1923 - Sipek, Dick
    1924 - Wooten, Junior
    1934 - Owens, Jim
    1937 - Morhardt, Moe
    1938 - Herbel, Ron
    1940 - Miller, Rod
    1940 - Baird, Bob
    1941 - Bonikowski, Joe
    1944 - Stone, Gene
    1953 - DeBarr, Dennis
    1954 - Stapleton, Dave
    1957 - Castillo, Marty
    1957 - Balboni, Steve
    1959 - Buckley, Kevin
    1966 - McDowell, Jack

    1970 - Villone, Ron
    1975 - Gardner, Lee
    1977 - Bean, Colter
    1978 - Amezaga, Alfredo
    1979 - Cust, Jack
    1980 - Conrad, Brooks
    1980 - Pujols, Albert
    1981 - Stetter, Mitch
    1983 - Torres, Eider
    1984 - Maloney, Matt
    1985 - Guerra, Junior

    1985 - Manship, Jeff
    1986 - Brignac, Reid
    1986 - Trumbo, Mark
    1987 - Wheeler, Zelous
    1990 - Saupold, Warwick
    1992 - Poncedeleon, Daniel

    Baseball Deaths on January 16...

    1907 - Evans, Jake
    1913 - Dolan, Tom
    1917 - Geggus, Charlie
    1925 - Bignell, George
    1928 - Rossman, Claude
    1934 - Dunham, Wiley
    1934 - Hyndman, Jim
    1938 - Sommer, Joe
    1938 - Clark, Earl
    1950 - Hulswitt, Rudy
    1951 - Purdy, Pid
    1954 - Payne, Fred

    1963 - Thompson, Carl
    1964 - Baker, Howard

    1965 - Williams, Jimmy
    1968 - Funk, Liz

    1976 - Autry, Chick
    1977 - Jacobson, Baby Doll
    1985 - Chase, Ken
    1988 - Kemner, Dutch
    1989 - Trechock, Frank
    1990 - Naylor, Earl
    2003 - McCullough, Phil
    2006 - Repass, Bob
    2006 - Smith, Willie
    2009 - Stimac, Craig





Chicago White Sox / Re: Down on the Farm
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on January 15, 2019, 09:13:48 pm »
Chicago White Sox / Re: White Sox - Trades and Rumors
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on January 15, 2019, 06:44:34 pm »
Pitchers and Catchers report in 2 weeks... and the two biggest FA's have yet to sign.

  I think it's pretty obvious that neither the White Sox or the Phillies are Harper or Machado "first choice" and each of their "preferred team" hasn't made them an offer that they would accept.  Both of them also want to be the BIGGEST free agent signee this off-season.  So it's a matter of who blinks first Bryce Harper/Scott Boras or Manny Machado/Dan Lozano.
Chicago White Sox / Re: White Sox - Trades and Rumors
« Last post by Method on January 15, 2019, 05:31:22 pm »
Pitchers and Catchers report in 2 weeks... and the two biggest FA's have yet to sign.
Chicago White Sox / Re: Around Baseball - 2018
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on January 15, 2019, 12:21:42 am »
Chicago White Sox / Re: Pale Hose History
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on January 15, 2019, 12:06:49 am »

    On January 15 in Baseball History...

    1934 - Babe Ruth accepts a cut of $17,000 and signs a 1934 contract with the Yankees for $35,000.

    1936 - Horace Stoneham is elected president of the New York Giants, succeeding his late father. Stoneham, 32, will remain president for the next 40 years before selling the team in 1976.

    1942 - In his famous 'Green Light letter', President Franklin D. Roosevelt answers Commissioner Landis's query about playing baseball in the wake of second World War. FDR responds he believes playing the sport would be good for Americans and encourages the owners to have more games at night to give war workers an opportunity to attend games.

    1957 - The Kratter Corporation grants Walter O'Malley an additional two years on the three-year lease on Ebbets Field agreed to last year. The new agreement means the ball club has a home in Brooklyn until 1961, but may have been prompted by the Dodgers owner's uncertainty about L.A'.s ability to secure the land needed to built a stadium if the team moved to the West Coast.

    1958 - In a deal worth over $1 million, the Yankees announce that they will televise 140 games in the 1958 season. Six days later, the Phillies agree to televise 78 games into the New York City area, which is without N.L. baseball for the first time since the league's inception in 1876.

    1964 - Willie Mays, the highest paid player in baseball, signs the $105,000 contract offered by the Giants. The perennial all-star center fielder will have another outstanding season batting .308, hitting 40 home runs and driving in 123 runs for the Jints.

    1964 - Baseballs executives select New York City as the site of the game's first free-agent draft, a controversial measure approved during the winter meetings that gives teams with the worst records the first picks to the talented amateur players. With the first pick in the history of the draft , the A's will select ASU outfielder Rick Monday when the draft begins on June 8 at the Hotel Commodore.

    1967 - Tom Brown becomes the first major leaguer to play in the Super Bowl. The Green Bay defensive back, an outfielder and first baseman for the Senators in 1963, is best remembered for his last-minute interception of Cowboy quarterback Don Meredith's Hail Mary pass in the NFL Championship game, making Green Bay a participant in the first-ever Super Bowl.

    1981 - In his first year of eligibility, former Cardinals pitcher Bob Gibson is the only player elected to the Hall of Fame. Gibson won 20 games five times, struck out 3,117 batters, and captured the Cy Young and M.V.P. in 1968 with a 1.12 ERA. Players falling short of the 301 votes needed for election include Don Drysdale (243), Gil Hodges (241), Harmon Killebrew (239), Hoyt Wilhelm (238), and Juan Marichal (233).

    1990 - Returning from a stint in Japan where he hit 38 homers for the Hanshin Tigers, Cecil Fielder signs a free-agent deal worth $1,250,000 with the Tigers. 'Big Daddy' will hit 245 home runs and drive in 758 runs during his seven seasons with Detroit.

    1994 - At its winter fan festival, Milwaukee unveils a new logo and different team colors with navy, green and metallic gold replacing the current royal blue and yellow. The changes, the first since the start of the 1978 season, also include Germanic lettering in place of the standard block, and the addition of the first alternate uniform in the club's history, a navy jersey with the club's primary logo below the word Brewers across the chest.

    2002 - The Braves trade outfielder Brian Jordan (.295, 25, 97), pitcher Odalis Perez (7-8, 4.91), and a minor leaguer to the Dodgers to acquire All-Star outfielder Gary Sheffield (.311, 36, 100). The deal ends Sheffield's stormy tenure with L.A.

    2008 - At the Congressional hearing concerning the Mitchell Report, Representatives Henry Waxman and Tom Davis announce they have sent a letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey to investigate if Miguel Tejada lied to House committee staff when questioned about Oriole teammate Rafael Palmeiro's use of steroids. The former American League MVP, who was traded to the Astros in the off season, could face jail time, if found guilty, because making false statements to Congress is a felony.

    2009 - Derek Lowe signs a four-year deal with the Braves reportedly worth $60 million. The 35-year old right-hander will be the ace of Atlanta's new look rotation of Jair Jurrjens and newly acquired Javier Vazquez and Kenshin Kawakami, who pitched in Japan last season for the Chunichi Dragons.

    2009 - Avoiding arbitration, Dave Bush and the Brewers agree to a $4 million, one-year deal. The 29-year-old right-hander finished the season strong posting a 7-3 record with a 3.23 ERA in his final 18 regular seaon starts, and was the only Milwaukee pitcher to win a postseason game.

    2009 - The Padres sign 33-year old veteran infielder David Eckstein to a one-year contract worth $850,000 with an additional $150,000 available in incentives. The 2006 World Series MVP, who split last season playing mostly shortstop in 94 games with the Blue Jays and Diamondbacks, agreed to the discounted deal with San Diego on the condition that he would play primarily second base for the Friars.

    2009 - The Dodgers, who had restructured Andruw Jones's contract earlier in the month, put thier expensive center fielder on waivers rather than pursuing a trade for the five-time All-Star. The highest-paid player in the franchise history, who signed a two-year, $36.2 million deal during the 2007 offseason, was a complete bust in his one season with the team hitting a meager .158 with just three home home runs and 14 RBIs in 209 at bats.

    2010 - The Mets and John Maine (7-6, 4.43) come to terms on a one-year, $3.3 million deal just after the right-hander filed for arbitration. New York's projected number three starter was limited to 15 games last season, due to the lingering weakness from a 2008 surgery that removed a bony growth from the socket of his right shoulder.

    2010 - Avoiding salary arbitration, Matt Kemp (.297, 26, 101) and the Dodgers agree to a rare multi-year offer that will pay the center fielder $10.95 million over the next two seasons. The 25-year old Oklahoman, considered a core player in the team's future, won the Gold Glove and the Silver Slugger awards playing for the National League West champs last season.

    2013 - After watching their bullpen implode in the NLDS last season, the Nationals sign Rafael Soriano to a two-year, $28 million deal to be the club's closer. The 33 year-old right-handed reliever, who had league-leading 45 saves for the Rays in 2011, filled in for the injured Mariano Rivera last season and saved 42 games for the Yankees.

    2014 - The Milwaukee Brewers signed Zach Duke as a free agent.

    2015 - The Chicago White Sox signed Brian Anderson as a free agent.

    2015 - The Cleveland Indians signed Anthony Swarzak as a free agent.

    2018 - The Minnesota Twins signed Addison Reed as a free agent.

    Baseball Birthdays on January 15...

    1856 - Baker, Charlie
    1858 - Mansell, Mike
    1868 - Menefee, Jock
    1872 - Fox, Bill
    1881 - Orndorff, Jess
    1882 - Kinsella, Ed
    1885 - Lowdermilk, Grover

    1891 - Chapman, Ray
    1891 - Townsend, Leo
    1896 - Cantwell, Mike
    1897 - Genewich, Joe
    1903 - Oliver, Tom
    1915 - Culler, Dick
    1917 - Rucker, Johnny
    1920 - Gromek, Steve
    1932 - Maranda, Georges
    1933 - Durnbaugh, Bobby
    1937 - Sadowski, Bob

    1943 - Marshall, Mike
    1946 - Robson, Tom
    1947 - Schoen, Gerry
    1947 - Solaita, Tony
    1949 - Grich, Bobby
    1949 - Alvarado, Luis

    1954 - Cappuzzello, George
    1956 - Mulliniks, Rance
    1956 - Narron, Jerry
    1957 - Cooper, Don

    1960 - Brown, Curt
    1961 - Lansford, Jody
    1963 - Brennan, William
    1965 - Banister, Jeff
    1967 - Wertz, Bill
    1969 - DeShields, Delino
    1973 - Gomes, Wayne
    1974 - King, Ray
    1975 - Diaz, Edwin
    1979 - Howard, Ben
    1980 - Closser, J.D.
    1982 - Dorta, Melvin
    1982 - Galarraga, Armando
    1991 - Duffy, Matt
    1991 - Garver, Mitch
    1992 - Gonzalez, Chi Chi
    1992 - Mayza, Tim

    Baseball Deaths on January 15...

    1889 - Brown, Lew
    1895 - Silch, Ed
    1924 - Friel, Pat
    1937 - Baker, Charlie
    1937 - Foster, Eddie
    1947 - Sheckard, Jimmy
    1952 - Houser, Ben
    1953 - East, Carl
    1961 - Price, Joe
    1964 - Henderson, Ed
    1964 - Larmore, Bob
    1966 - Walsh, Walt
    1966 - McIlwain, Stover

    1970 - Leard, Bill
    1974 - Healy, Thomas
    1986 - Thomas, Fred
    1988 - Hennessey, George
    1991 - Judy, Lyle
    1992 - Gassaway, Charlie
    1999 - Ge0rgy, Oscar
    2004 - Suhr, Gus
    2004 - Devlin, Jim
    2009 - Jones, Tommy
    2011 - Hartsfield, Roy
    2013 - Glynn, Bill
    2018 - Barton, Bob



Chicago White Sox / Re: Pale Hose History
« Last post by AndyMacFAIL on January 14, 2019, 12:04:06 am »

    On January 14 in Baseball History...

    1919 - John McGraw, Charles A. Stoneham, and Tammany politician Judge Francis X. McQuade buy controlling interest in the Giants from the John Brush estate. Having drawn just 265,000 fans in 1918, the club is sold at a bargain price. The trio will spend many days in courtrooms fighting among themselves, as well as fending off government charges about Stoneham's business practices.

    1940 - Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis gives free agency to 91 Detroit players and farm hands. Citing cover-ups of the movement of players within its organization, Landis hands freedom to Roy Cullenbine, Benny McCoy, Lloyd Dietz, and Steve Rachunok from the parent roster and orders $47,250 paid as compensation to 14 players. Johnny Sain is one of 23 players who will later make it to the major leagues.

    1954 - Joe DiMaggio and actress Marilyn Monroe elope and get married at City Hall in San Francisco. The couple, who had captivated the nation with their romance, will split up in less than a year.

    1963 - The White Sox trade shortstop Luis Aparicio and outfielder Al Smith to the Orioles for pitcher Hoyt Wilhelm along with former Rookie of the Year shortstop Ron Hansen, outfielder Dave Nicholson and third baseman Pete Ward. During his six season in the Windy City, the right-handed knuckleballer will post a 41-33 record along with 98 saves while compiling a minuscule ERA of 1.92.

    1970 - Johnny Murphy, the Mets general manager who had seen his team rise from the N.L. cellar to the world championship, dies of a heart attack at age 61. Murphy was a star relief pitcher for the Yankees in the 1930s and early 1940s.

    1976 - WTCG-TV owner Ted Turner obtains 100% of the Atlanta Braves for $12 million. 'Captain Ted' purchases the club to provide sport programming for his local channel 17, but when the FCC permits the station to use a satellite late in 1976 to broadcast shows on cable networks, the franchise, now available to be viewed by millions of subscribers, will become known as America's Team.

    1981 - Frank Robinson is named manager of the Giants replacing Dave Bristol, who was dismissed by Bob Lurie at the winter baseball meetings in Dallas last month. Robinson becomes the first black skipper in the National League after having the distinction of being the first in baseball history when he managed the Indians in 1975

    1987 - Catfish Hunter and Billy Williams are elected to the Hall of Fame by the BBWAA. Hunter made his name as the ace of the Oakland A's staff in their championship years and made his fortune as one of the first free agents. Williams set a N.L. record by playing in 1,117 consecutive games and accumulating 426 home runs and a batting title.

    1998 - The Astros trade James Mouton to the Padres in exchange for hurler Sean Bergman. The right-hander will post a 12-9 record in Houston, and the Friars' new outfielder will hit a meager .190 in his only season in San Diego.

    2000 - The Cardinals trade third baseman Fernando Tatis and right-hander Britt Reames to the Expos for right-hander Dustin Hermanson and left-hander closer Steve Kline.

    2002 - Saying his heart has always been in San Francisco, Barry Bonds avoids arbitration by agreeing to a five-year, $90 million deal with the Giants. The contract also calls for 10-year personal services commitment at the end of the 37-year old left fielder's playing days.

    2006 - In an attempt to buy time as closer Eric Gagne recovers from elbow surgery, the Dodgers trade right-hander Edwin Jackson and prospect lefty Chuck Tiffany to the Devil Rays to obtain All-Star penmen Danys Baez, Lance Carter as well as a minor league player to be named. Baez, who saved 41 games for Tampa Bay last season, will become the team’s closer until Gagne is ready to return.

    2007 - According to an anonymous team official, the Blue Jays avoid arbitration by coming to terms with Lyle Overbay (.312, 22, 92). The 29-year old first baseman agrees to a four-year deal worth $24 million to stay in Toronto.

    2008 - The Cardinals and Blue Jays swap their All-Star third basemen as Scott Rolen (.265, 8, 62) goes north of the border, and Troy Glaus (.262, 20, 58) heads to the Gateway to the West. Rolen, known not to be fan of Tony La Russa, his former manager, joins one-time teammate David Eckstein on the left side of the diamond in Toronto.

    2008 - In an effort to replace Andruw Jones, their former Glove Glover in centerfield, the Braves acquire Mark Kotsay from the rebuilding A's in exchange for reliever Joey Devine and a minor league pitching prospect. Additionally, Atlanta will pick up approximately $5 million of their new outfielder's $7.35 million salary.

    2009 - Avoiding arbitration, the Angels agree to a $5,775,000, one-year deal with Chone Figgins, the club's versatile switch-hitter. The 30-year old, who led the team with 34 stolen bases last season, has played mostly third base, but has also been employed at second, short and in the outfield by Halos' skipper Mike Scioscia.

    2009 - The Chicago White Sox signed Bartolo Colon as a free agent.

    2010 - Reportedly turning down a more lucrative two-year deal with San Francisco, Adam LaRoche finalizes a one-year contract with the Diamondbacks that guarantees the first baseman $6 million for next season. The 30-year-old corner infielder played for Atlanta, Boston and Pittsburgh last year compiling a .277 batting average with 25 homers along with 83 RBIs.

    2011 - The Minnesota Twins signed Jim Thome as a free agent.

    2012 - The Yankees deal Jesus Montero, considered to be the top catching prospect in the major leagues, to the Mariners to obtain Michael Pineda, a promising 22-year-old starting pitcher. Having given up their prized backstop, the Bronx Bombers add to their rotation an All-star righhander, who posted a 9-10 record along with an ERA of 3.03, averaging nearly a strikeout per frame in 171 inning of work last season.

    2015 - The Braves continue their youth movement, dealing Evan Gattis and right-handed prospect James Hoyt to the Astros for minor leaguers Rio Ruiz, Andrew Thurman, and Mike Foltynewicz. Earlier in the offseason, Atlanta obtained four prospects from the Padres in exchange for Justin Upton, and added starting pitcher Shelby Miller and Tyrell Jenkins, another pitching prospect, from St. Louis when they traded Jayson Heyward and reliever Jordan Walden to the Cardinals.

    2016 - "I think it is a plan that is in the best interest of the entire bay area and I have to give him [St. Pete's mayor Rick Kriseman] an awful lot of credit for perseverance and for crafting a plan that has the best interests of the citizens of St. Petersburg, protects their investment in that stadium and at the same time recognizes the fiscal reality of the situation." - BOB BUCKHORN, mayor of Tampa, Florida

The St. Petersburg's City Council votes 5-3, supporting a measure which allows the Rays to explore new stadium sites in Hillsborough County, which had, up to now, not been up for discussion due to the team's agreement to stay at Tropicana Field until 2027. The heralded deal looks out for taxpayers while securing the franchise's commitment to remain in the environs of the Tampa Bay area.

    2016 - At the home of the Japanese consul general in Atlanta, Hank Aaron is honored with one of Japan’s highest awards when he is presented with the Gold Rays with Rosette, the fourth class of Order of the Rising Sun. The 81 year-old American home run king is commended, along with Sadaharu Oh, for his efforts towards the World Children’s Baseball Fair, an organization which fosters an environment of world understanding and cultural exchange through the celebration of the sport.

    2016 - The New York Yankees signed Anthony Swarzak as a free agent.

    Baseball Birthdays on January 14...

    1856 - Fair, George
    1856 - Foley, Curry
    1867 - Kling, Bill
    1868 - Newell, John
    1869 - Shreve, Lev
    1871 - Madison, Art
    1874 - Taylor, Jack
    1880 - Livingston, Paddy
    1882 - Alberts, Cy
    1885 - Perrine, Nig
    1891 - Shovlin, John
    1892 - Meyer, Billy

    1894 - Decatur, Art
    1898 - Wheeler, Dick
    1899 - Miller, Ralph
    1902 - Jolley, Smead

    1903 - Scarritt, Russ
    1911 - Gornicki, Hank
    1915 - Joyce, Bob
    1922 - Biasatti, Hank
    1923 - Johnson, Ken
    1930 - Daley, Pete
    1937 - Siebert, Sonny
    1939 - Valdespino, Sandy
    1939 - Talton, Tim
    1942 - Campbell, Dave
    1943 - Clark, Ron
    1943 - Marshall, Dave
    1947 - Parker, Billy
    1951 - Thomas, Derrel
    1952 - Forster, Terry

    1952 - Gross, Wayne
    1954 - Boone, Danny
    1957 - Brizzolara, Tony
    1959 - Keener, Jeff
    1960 - Jones, Ross
    1961 - Redfield, Joe
    1962 - Green, Gary
    1967 - Fletcher, Paul
    1970 - Cooke, Steve
    1973 - Brohawn, Troy
    1973 - Myers, Rod
    1974 - Frank, Mike
    1976 - Daneker, Pat

    1984 - Aybar, Erick
    1984 - Pelfrey, Mike

    1987 - Forsythe, Logan
    1989 - Kolarek, Adam
    1990 - Graham, J.R.
    1991 - Altherr, Aaron
    1991 - Piscotty, Stephen
    1993 - Neverauskas, Dovydas
    1993 - Powell, Herschel "Boog"

    Baseball Deaths on January 14...

    1892 - Flint, Silver
    1908 - Bullas, Sim
    1908 - Krug, Henry
    1909 - Pittinger, Togie
    1913 - O'Hagan, Hal
    1929 - Hayner, John
    1931 - Richardson, Hardy
    1933 - Hoffmeister, Jesse
    1935 - Young, Irv

    1937 - Trumbull, Ed
    1945 - Blankenship, Ted

    1948 - Benedict, Art
    1950 - Thomas, Bill
    1952 - Sellers, Rube
    1953 - Small, Charlie
    1959 - Ganzel, John
    1961 - Cavanaugh, John
    1962 - Young, Pep
    1962 - Mann, Les
    1965 - Johnson, Walt

    1965 - Hopper, Bill
    1966 - Neuer, Tex
    1968 - Black, Bill

    1970 - Murphy, Johnny
    1974 - Partridge, Jay
    1974 - Brown, Lloyd
    1994 - Vico, Sam
    2001 - Zapustas, Joe
    2006 - Morton, Bubba
    2008 - Cardwell, Don
    2009 - Derrick, Mike





Chicago White Sox / Re: White Sox - Trades and Rumors
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me too.
Chicago White Sox / Re: White Sox - Trades and Rumors
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Prefer Manny
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