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Re: Suggestions & Comments
« Reply #25 on: April 13, 2011, 02:36:17 pm »

In the Admin area I found a box labeled 'allow users to turn off word censor' so I put a check in it.

I guess each user must have to turn off the censor themselves.

Click on 'profile' located in the middle of the top of this page.

after the page changes, look on the left under 'modify profile' and then click on 'look and layout'. 

half way down the page there will be a 'leave words uncensored'box.  check the box and then click on 'change profile' which is located at the lower right of the page.

This should, in theory, do it.

Now, I just did this for myself and I'm still getting words censored.  However, I have found some changes I made here didn't appear immediately so I'm going to give it a few hours before I call it a failure and continue looking. 

I got to go now. I won't be back online to sometime after 8pm tonight.  Hope it works by then or I'll continue looking for a solution.


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