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Author Topic: Media Coverage of the White Sox  (Read 17472 times)

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Re: Media Coverage of the White Sox
« Reply #801 on: November 08, 2018, 07:11:27 pm »
This year could be the year that Reinsdorf makes a splash as lucrative media deals may be on the horizon.

The variables in securing a media deal can be read two ways: As drying well of funds or as an opportunity to drill deeper into the earth’s crust and hit a wellspring of cash. And in fact, recent media deals with other teams such as the Phillies, have been lucrative cash-cows in major media markets. Chicago is indeed such a market and by bundling the Bulls and Blackhawks along with the White Sox, Sox fans may witness a historic moment in sports.

Even as I make the argument that the White Sox have unlimited financial flexibility, history smacks me in the face...


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