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The is the place for:

*Shoeless to reminisce about the wonders of the Big Hurt.

*MSF to fondly remember the days of Nellie, Little Louie, Jungle Jim, Gus, and Big Klu of the Go-Go Sox of 1959 and lament the the unfilled promise of Paul Edmondson, Harry Chappas, Bee Bee Richard, Chris Snopek, Kevin Bell, Kurt Brown and Brian Simmons.

*Hunnie to dream about a young Jim Fregosi and discuss the bad complexion of Ron Karkovice.

*Blacksox to recollect the glorious days of the broadcasting duo of Harry Caray & Jimmy Piersall, 'Disco Demolition'; the art of sneaking past the Andy Frain ushers into the 'good seats'; the shower in centerfield; the era of $3.50 Golden Box seats; Ron Santo Pizza, the 'Washington Slept Here' sign held up at each game by the Sox Supporters; the Picnic Area in left field and the taco stand at Old Comiskey.

*A long absent Holly, a regular at the late Tribune Well-Engaged board, to recall her adventures in her stalking of all thing Robin Ventura.

*Loveland to post her fashion comments about the Mary Veeck designed 1977 'dark blue shorts' uniform and her disdain for Keith Foulke.

*Method to remember his fun-filled east coast trip to Atlanta to take in a few White Sox games with minoats.

*JoshPR to memorialize every former White Sox player or prospect of puertorican descent.

*Another thread for Wildcat Bill to pollute with his nonsense.

*and the place for JhonJeter to make fun of each and every person who posts in this thread.



Chicago White Sox - Behind the Scenes [part 2]




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