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    On January 4 in Baseball History...

    1898 - After the death of Charles H. Byrne, team secretary Charles Ebbets replaces the one-third owner as president of the Bridegrooms (Dodgers). The team's former office boy and future owner will also manage the Brooklyn nine for the last 110 games of the season, finishing tenth in the 12-team National League circuit.

    1902 - Bill Dineen, who has averaged nearly 18 wins over the past two seasons for the NL's Beaneaters signs with the year-old Boston Americans. The 24-year old right-hander, known as 'Big Bill', will win 20 or more contests for the next three years for the cross-town rivals in the upstart American League.

    1904 - The Highlanders (Yankees) announce plans to play their Sunday home games this season at Long Island's Ridgewood Park. In March the National Commission's chairman August Herrman will announce he will not allow the club to play there due to the close proximity of the ballpark to Brooklyn, the home of the National League's Superbas (Dodgers).

    1928 - Shortstop Lyn Lary and infielder Jimmy Reese are bought by the Yankees from the Pacific Coast League.

    1932 - Casey Stengel returns from the minor leagues to become a coach for the Dodgers.

    1936 - As the second part of the December 10 deal for Jimmie Foxx, the Boston Red Sox get Doc Cramer and Eric McNair from the A's for Hank Johnson, Al Niemiec, and $75,000. Boston will get the best of the deal. Foxx is an All-Star six times in seven seasons, he smacks 222 homers, and bats .300 five times in a Red Sox uniform.

    1942 - Rogers Hornsby becomes the 14th player selected to the Hall of Fame, getting 78 percent of the vote. His offensive numbers rival those of any player before or since. Hornsby and Ted Williams are the only players to win the Triple Crown twice, and Hornsby' s .424 mark in 1924 is the highest National League average in the 20th century.

    1943 - Due to World War II, Commissioner Landis mandates clubs to conduct spring training close to home. With exception of the Cardinals and the Browns who may stay in-state and train in Missouri, big league teams are told all camps must operate north of the Potomac and Ohio rivers and be located east of the Mississippi River.

    1957 - The Dodgers buy a 44-passenger twin-engine airplane for $775,000, which they will use to transport the club during the season. They are the first team to own their own plane.

    1971 - In Philadelphia, the Phillies dedicated their new ballpark, Veterans Stadium. The team's new home will be harshly criticized for the height of its upper deck, and for many of its seats being so distant from the field that it will difficult to enjoy the game without binoculars.

    2002 - In spite of the franchise's uncertain future due to possible contraction, Ron Gardenhire is named to replace Tom Kelly as the Minnesota manager. The Twins' coach is given a two-year pact to pilot the team.

    2002 - The Cardinals announce the team has agreed to a three-year, $27 million deal with their ace Matt Morris (22-8, 3.16 ERA). The 27-year-old right-hander, who missed all of the 1999 season due to elbow surgery, finished third in the Cy Young balloting last season.

    2002 - The Indians sign 18-year-old Matthew Haynes, a participant in the major league's first-ever Australian Baseball Academy. The Tribe believes the 6-3, 185-pound right-hander, considered one of the best sixty players from Down Under, will become a starting pitcher in the major leagues.

    2002 - Tired of losing, Tony Tavares resigns as the president of Angels. The 52-year old executive, who until today also was the chairman of the NHL's Mighty Ducks, assumed the baseball post after Disney bought the team from Jackie Autry in 1996.

    2004 - Five-time batting champ Wade Boggs, who receives 92% of the record number of 516 votes cast, becomes the 41st player elected to Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. The Baseball Writers also give the nod to Ryne Sandberg, the 1984 National League MVP.

    2007 - On his way to begin a goodwill tour of the Dominican Republic with other big league players, Jake Peavy is arrested outside the terminal building at the Mobile Regional Airport. Due to a double-parking violation and his refusal to move his car, the 25-year-old Padres pitcher is charged with disorderly conduct and is taken to the Mobile County Metro Jail.

    2008 - Although he hasn't pitched in the big leagues since 2005, Japanese hurler Hideo Nomo signs a minor league pact with the Royals. The 39-year old right-hander, who tossed no-hitters for the Dodgers and the Red Sox, has been invited to spring training by the club.

    2008 - The city of Chicago gives approval for the Cubs to add 70 'bullpen box seats' and to incorporate additional signage at Wrigley Field. The 93-year-old ballpark, due to its landmark status, needed permission from the Department of Planning and Development to make the changes.

    2010 - Rory Markas, recently named by the Angels as the team's lead play-by-play television announcer, dies unexpectedly at home. The popular 54-year old broadcaster, who also spent parts of 11 seasons in the Brewers booth before starting his eight-year tenure with Los Angeles, was well-known for his signature line, "Just another Halo victory!".

    2011 - David Price is selected this season's recipient of the Warren Spahn Award, recognition given annually to the best left-handed major league pitcher by the Oklahoma Sports Museum in Major League Baseball. The Rays' 25-year old All-Star southpaw compiled 19-6 record along with an ERA 2.72 for the AL East champs.

    2012 - Joe Torre resigns as MLB's executive vice president for baseball operations, a position he has held since last February, to become part of a group interested in purchasing the Dodgers from Frank McCourt. The former L.A. skipper, who managed the team from 2008-2010, is partnering with real estate developer Rick Caruso, who is heading up the ownership bid.

    2013 - Brett Myers signs a one-year, $7 million contract to become part of the Indians' starting rotation behind Justin Masterson and Ubaldo Jimenez. The 32 year-old right-hander, who has started 249 major league contests during the first 11 years of his career, appeared in 70 games, all as a reliever, for the Astros and White Sox last season.

    2015 - The Chicago White Sox signed Andy LaRoche as a free agent.

    Baseball Birthdays on January 4...

    1856 - Dwight, Al
    1858 - Oxley, Henry
    1869 - Corcoran, Tommy
    1877 - Spade, Bob
    1883 - Zimmerman, Eddie
    1884 - Bridwell, Al
    1887 - Smith, Klondike
    1888 - DeVogt, Rex
    1890 - Vitt, Ossie
    1892 - Miller, Charlie
    1902 - Odenwald, Ted
    1903 - Metzler, Alex
    1906 - Ryan, John "Blondy"

    1908 - Selkirk, George
    1911 - Leon, Izzy
    1912 - Mack, Joe
    1914 - Franks, Herman
    1920 - Ockey, Walter
    1925 - Gorman, Tom
    1929 - Valentine, Corky
    1930 - McMahon, Don

    1933 - Monzant, Ramon
    1940 - Shirley, Bart
    1943 - Yellen, Larry
    1944 - Fuentes, Tito
    1944 - Manuel, Chuck
    1947 - Reynolds, Ken
    1949 - Saunders, Dennis
    1960 - Gibson, Paul
    1962 - Tibbs, Jay
    1963 - Boston, Daryl

    1965 - Wickander, Kevin
    1967 - Zavaras, Clint
    1967 - Wood, Ted
    1971 - Michalak, Chris
    1976 - Lilly, Ted
    1977 - O'Connor, Brian
    1977 - Silva, Walter
    1978 - Gissell, Chris
    1978 - Martinez, Willie
    1981 - Peguero, Jailen
    1982 - Bourgeois, Jason

    1984 - Raynor, John
    1985 - Sizemore, Scott
    1989 - Pillar, Kevin
    1990 - Iglesias, Raisel
    1991 - Dtumpf, Daniel
    1992 - Bryant, Kris
    1992 - Lorenzen, Michael
    1994 - López, Reynoldo

    Baseball Deaths on January 4...

    1893 - Halpin, Jim
    1899 - Sneed, John
    1924 - Peters, John
    1931 - Connor, Roger
    1933 - Deviney, Hal
    1938 - Sexton, Frank
    1942 - Juul, Herold
    1948 - Schlitzer, Biff
    1949 - Evers, Joe
    1963 - Covington, Sam
    1967 - Crabtree, Estel
    1970 - Springer, Brad
    1978 - Dawson, Joe
    1979 - Murray, Bobby
    1980 - Edwards, Foster
    1986 - Morey, Dave
    1987 - Rensa, Tony

    1990 - Hollingsworth, Bonnie
    1991 - Rodin, Eric
    1994 - Sullivan, Billy

    1995 - Onis, Ralph
    1995 - Gumbert, Harry
    2000 - Milner, John
    2001 - Zapustas, Joe
    2002 - Zabala, Adrian
    2005 - Sanford, Jack
    2008 - Ramsey, Bill
    2014 - Arndt, Larry
    2014 - Gabler, Gabe
    2015 - Miller, Stu






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