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    On December 31 in Baseball History...

    1878 - A reported eight million bats are sold in the United States. With a population estimated at approximately 48 million, an average of one out of every six Americans owns a bat.

    1897 - At the age of 38, Charles H. Ebbets gains a controlling interest of eighty-percent of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Under his ownership which will last until his death in 1925, the team will post a mediocre 1914-2088 (.478) record, but will win four National League Championships during the ensuing 27 seasons.

    1914 - Ban Johnson's efforts to strengthen the New York Yankees succeed when he arranges the purchase of the team by Colonel Jacob Ruppert and Cap Huston for $460,000. The new owners will name longtime Detroit pitcher Bill Donovan as manager.

    1918 - Kid Gleason replaces Pants Rowland as White Sox manager following the team's skid to fifth place. Gleason will win the American League pennant as a rookie skipper, but it will be tarnished by the improprieties of eight members of the Black Sox in the 1919 World Series.

    1949 - The 1940's came to a close without any new ML ballparks being built. No parks were built between 1939 (Cleveland) and 1953 (Milwaukee).

    1962 - The State of Ohio drops its suit against the Reds change in ownership when Bill DeWitt declares in writing the team will stay in Cincinnati for ten years. The new owner claims to never have plans on moving the team, but legal measures were taken when suspicions abounded after he obtained the team from the Crosley Foundation for below market value.

    1966 - After fifteen years with the Braves, Eddie Mathews along with Sandy Alomar, Sr. and Arnie Umbach, is traded to the Astros in exchange for outfielder Dave Nicholson and RHP Bob Bruce. The future Hall of Fame third baseman is the only person to play for the Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves.

    1972 - A plane carrying Roberto Clemente to Nicaragua on a mercy mission for earthquake victims crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. Clemente, who batted .317 in eighteen seasons with the Pirates, is dead at age thirty-eight.

    1974 - The Yankees sign Catfish Hunter to a five-year contract worth a reported $3.75 million. This is triple the salary of any other major league player.

    1979 - The Basic Agreement between players and owners expires, precipitating more than 19 months of bitter negotiations, culminating in the 1981 player strike.

    1984 - Despite six weeks of negotiations, the Basic Agreement between the players and owners that was reached after the 1981 strike expires. The players are now seeking increased contributions to their pension plan from the clubs' additional television revenues, while the owners are hoping to slow the rapid growth of player salaries.

    1990 - A's third baseman Carney Lansford is seriously injured in a snowmobile accident near his ranch in Baker, Oregon. The 33 year-old all-star infielder, who suffered severe ligament damage in his left knee as a result of the mishap, will only appear in five games next season.

    2004 - After the Devil Rays decline his 2005 $8 million contract option, Tino Martinez (.262, 23, 76) signs a one-year, $3 million contract to rejoin the Yankees. The popular 37-year old first baseman, acquired as insurance in the event Jason Giambiís (the player who replaced him) health continues to fail, played in the Bronx from 1996-2001.

    2008 - The Angels agree to a two-year, $17.5 million deal with free-agent Brian Fuentes. The 33-year old left-handed reliever, who had 30 saves for the Rockies last season, will replace Francisco Rodriguez as the closer for the American League West champions.

    2008 - Deciding not to shift shortstop Jhonny Peralta to third with Asdrubal Cabrera moving from second to short, the Indians acquire Mark DeRosa from the Cubs to be their everyday third baseman. To get the 33-year old infielder, the Tribe sends minor league pitching prospects Jeff Stevens, Chris Archer and John Gaub to Chicago.

    2009 - The Cubs agree to a $15 million, three-year deal with Texas free-agent Marlon Byrd (283, 20, 89) to fill the void in the outfield created when an agitated Milton Bradley was traded to Seattle. Chicago's new outfielder will patrol centerfield replacing Kosuke Fukudome, who will move over to right field.

    2009 - The Red Sox, a team which has tried seven regular shortstops since trading Nomar Garciaparra to Chicago in 2004, sign Marco Scutaro to a deal that guarantees the 34-year old infielder to a $12.5, million, two-year deal to fill the void. The former utility player with the Mets and A's had a career year last season for the Blue Jays after becoming their everyday shortstop with Toronto in 2008.

    2011 - The Chicago White Sox traded Carlos Quentin to the San Diego Padres in exchange for Simon Castro and Pedro Hernandez.

    2013 - The Houston Astros signed Jesse Crain as a free agent.

    2015 - The Miami Marlins signed Moises Sierra as a free agent

    Baseball Birthdays on December 31...

    1842 - Berry, Tom
    1852 - Metcalf, Al
    1857 - Kelly, King
    1861 - Goldsby, Walt
    1863 - Sweeney, Pete
    1880 - Beebe, Fred
    1884 - Byrne, Bobby

    1891 - Flanagan, Charlie
    1894 - Berry, Joe
    1900 - Murray, Jim
    1900 - Johnson, Syl
    1918 - Dantonio, Fats
    1918 - Lakeman, Al
    1919 - Christopher, Loyd
    1919 - Byrne, Tommy
    1924 - Gray, Ted

    1933 - Rowe, Ken
    1947 - Muniz, Manny
    1951 - Simpson, Joe
    1953 - Baez, Jose
    1955 - Tracy, Jim
    1961 - Nixon, Donell
    1961 - Aguilera, Rick
    1961 - Engel, Steve
    1965 - Campusano, Sil
    1971 - Loaiza, Esteban

    1971 - Moehler, Brian
    1977 - Reitsma, Chris
    1980 - Carlson, Jesse
    1982 - Belisario, Ronald

    1982 - DePaula, Julio
    1985 - Reed, Evan
    1986 - Freiman, Nate
    1988 - Colome, Alex
    1989 - Herrera, Kelvin

    Baseball Deaths on December 31...

    1896 - Graham, Barney
    1898 - Duke, Martin
    1903 - McGuckin, Joe
    1905 - Bonner, Frank
    1907 - Flynn, Jocko
    1912 - Sprague, Charlie
    1914 - Farrow, John
    1914 - O'Brien, John
    1915 - O'Neill, Tip
    1925 - Sullivan, Denny
    1927 - Sharrott, Jack
    1936 - Casey, Doc
    1944 - Chappelle, Bill
    1954 - Raftery, Tom
    1955 - Brown, Clint

    1958 - Doyle, Jack
    1961 - Lieber, Dutch
    1962 - Mamaux, Al
    1962 - Mason, Del
    1963 - Barnes, Junie
    1963 - Batsch, Bill
    1964 - Wallace, Doc
    1964 - Byrne, Bobby
(died on his 80th birthday)
    1964 - Rollings, Red
    1967 - Hodge, Clarence "Shovel"

    1972 - Clemente, Roberto
    1978 - Davis, Tod
    1980 - Shawkey, Bob
    1988 - Flowers, Wes
    1994 - Shepard, Jack
    1996 - Narron, Sam
    1999 - Bearnarth, Larry
    1999 - Kimberlin, Harry
    2000 - Dorish, Harry

    2003 - West, Max
    2004 - Cozart, Charlie
    2006 - Breeding, Marv
    2015 - Rapp, Vern






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