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Place to post links to other sites that pertain to White Sox baseball.

Links only, please!   Links only, please!   Links only, please! 

Any other discussions on this thread may be deleted.

Our two main proboards forums can be found at:

JoeyC's board:

Dave23's boards:

the main replacement for Dave23's BBF:

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Cot's Baseball Contracts:

White Sox payroll [spreadsheet]:

the current MLB/MLBPA Basic Agreement (expires on 12/11/2011):

downloadable Official Rules of Baseball:

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Baseball Reference:

The Baseball Cube:

Baseball Almanac:

The Baseball Page:

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MLB Trade Rumors:

Prospect Junkies:

RotoWorld (baseball):

minor leagues baseball scoreboard: scoreboard:


White Sox spring training broadcast schedule on TV, radio, internet :


seasonal stats of Baseball Prospectus' White Sox Top Prospects which allegedly is updated daily:

Chicago White Sox Top Prospects - 2012


White Sox Weekly radio podcasts from WLS-AM:


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