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Actually, German Americans are most densely settled in the traditional "German belt" of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa.

In 1890 there were large numbers of German born immigrants in the states of New York (499,000), Illinois (338,000) and Minnesota (117,000). . .It was a matter of happenstance that American railroad interests were advertising for settlers to move to the Minnesota Territory, and later State of Minnesota, from 1854 into the 1870′s. This is why so many German-Americans now live in the Minnesota area.

More than 60% of the immigrants of this time came from Germany, and yes, Norway and Sweden (both of whom you chose to stereotype with your lutefisk reference).

You'll probably want to research the basis for your little quips before you cavalierly toss them out here.

My ancesters settled in the Indiana/Michigan area


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